Roughing It & Marathon Training Week 5

I may or may not have mentioned how horrible it is to eat with my parents while I am home… NOT. My dad is a stellar cook and my parents have no qualms filling the fridge with anything I beg for, so I eat WELL when I am visiting them. On top of my dad cooking dinner every night there are also snacks everywhere… I never keep snacks at home so having snacks at every turn was a bit overwhelming. I definitely ate my fair share of chocolate covered coffee beans and homemade chex mix, woof. All of this food porn is in reverse order so bare with me!20131201_082247Breakfast scramble: ham, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, onion, green pepper, and a smidge of cheese (I was feeling adventurous).20131130_142035Post 16 mile run sustenance: romaine, yellow bell pepper, broccoli, olives, red onion, lots of left over turkey, and balsamic.20131130_184833Pork roast w/ gravy, green beans w/ almonds, left over sweet potato mash, and squash from Thanksgiving.20131129_082414Morning after Thanksgiving breakfast… Stuffing, sweet potato, turkey, and gravy. I thought about throwing an egg on it to make it more “breakfasty” but ended up decided not to mess with a good thing.20131128_171421Thanksgiving Dinner: Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato mash, and my first ever taste of green bean casserole (my cousin made the casserole and it got rave reviews!! I tried a bite or two but moved on to turkey pretty quick) – after this picture was taken just about everything was smothered in gravy. My dad is a gravy master. This was also my first or 2nd year of eating stuffing… WHY hadn’t any one mentioned it was a vessel to eat sausage before? I would have joined in years ago.20131128_181451PIE. I ate more pie this past week than any other week of my life. I perfected the paleo pumpkin pie (will share recipe) but it took a few tries. Pies were made at our house 2x prior to Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving, and the day after Thanksgiving… My mom is a traditional pie crust master so I have no complaints.20131127_124713One of the few meals I “made” myself. Just some Italian sausage and roasted veggies. I introduced the family to coconut oil this past week! My mom liked the roasted veggies a lot!20131127_183852Soy and sesame roasted mahi mahi and asparagus, yum.20131126_180117Left over lamb with peppers, spinach, and mashed turnips and potatoes. Covered in gray.20131124_190559Pork with orange sauce, smashed sweet tots, and a pretty neat bacon / kale side my mom found the recipe for.20131123_183749Ahhh my first meal home. When I was younger my dad would always make lamb when my mom was out with her golf league. She doesn’t like lamb so he would always make it when she wasn’t around. We also put mint jelly on it and holy smokes is it amazing! My dad was testing out his Thanksgiving potatoes also and they are a combo of turnips and potatoes, pretty yum! Oh and you know a homemade oriental salad with candied almonds (yes he does that on his own) and a kick but dressing from scratch.

Amidst all this eating I thankfully kept up with running and lifting.
Monday: Phase 1 Workout 3 (upper body) & 15 minute core crunch (NTC)
Tuesday: 4mi @ 9:11, Phase 1 Workout 4 (lower bod / back)
Wednesday: 30min work out with my bro – mostly core / upper body
Thursday: Phase 1 Workout 1 (upper body), 6mi @ 9:00
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 16mi @ 9:21
Sunday: 3mi @ 9:57

Running this week was a little rough on me. DC spoils me with miles upon miles of paths and temperatures that rarely dip below 40. While home I was running on the road and between 4 runs this week and 2 runs last week my shins were in shambles. The roads are sloped on the sides for water run off and the angle eventually just really eats up your legs. On Tuesday I decided to try and give my legs a break and I went to my college track. My legs again were not pleased about the constant circles. The last lap I turned around and went the opposite direction and FINALLY my right shin loosened up and all was right in the world. So note to self, switch up the direction when you run on a track.Temperatures were also pretty rough, I was cheering when we would break into the 20s and 25 was a “warm” day.

After my craptastic run on Tuesday I welcomed Wednesday as a non running day. Then Thursday showed up. This was supposed to be a tempo run with the middle miles at 8:11 or something along those lines. Between the cold, the incline, the snow on the road, and the road slant I didn’t hit a single mile at 8:11. My watch also was having some issues and I had to reset it twice. I came home quite pissy and did my lift and tried to push the run out of my head. Because of my poor runs I skipped Friday all together and went and saw Hunger Games and had a few beers. We all cope differently right??

And now that brings us to Saturday! I was planning on running with Mike but he wasn’t going to be back in town and able to run until closer to 2pm. I was all jazzed up under the fictitious assumption we were running at 9am (we never talked about time… so I psyched myself up / out on my own accord). I ended up going at 11am because I had the energy and the sun was out. We will make up our running date over Christmas time. I am glad I did this alone because it is ANOTHER PDR and I did it all by myself. I stopped twice to stretch out a little bit but nothing major, all the miles were ran. I felt really good up until the last mile or so, my hips started to ache a bit and I felt like I was barefoot running – that was easily the weirdest feeling ever – I knew I had shoes on but everything just HURT and I was convinced I was barefoot… I lounged on the couch for the remainder of the day and by morning everything felt much better. Sunday morning I drove back to DC and my best friend and her boyfriend met me at my apartment and we did a nice 3 mile jog and catch up chat. Perfect way to end the week!

Did you keep up with moving and grooving during Thanksgiving week?

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14 comments for “Roughing It & Marathon Training Week 5

  1. December 2, 2013 at 11:21 am

    ahhh, its only breakfast time here but now you make me want to have turkey and gravy and oh soooo many sweet potatoes. YUM. I have such a hard time eating enough greens when I am home – my family just eats so differently than I usually do but looks like you got in a bunch! Way to rock the runs as well!

  2. December 2, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    Thanks for sharing those mouth watering dishes, I’m a softy for many of those dishes and I know they won’t help me with my training, they really look nice.

  3. December 2, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    OMG so much delicious food. You’re making me want to experience Thanksgiving all over again. And it looks like you had an awesome week of running/exercise. We need to schedule a running date soon!
    Sophie @ life’s philosophie recently posted…Running Lately & Half Marathon Training: Advice NeededMy Profile

  4. December 2, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    So proud of your PDR! You rock! Also, I ate SO many snacks at home, too! No wonder I don’t keep many here…too dangerous!
    Nikki recently posted…MGMT in DCMy Profile

  5. December 2, 2013 at 10:59 pm

    The one meal you made for yourself was my favorite haha. More color!! That looks like all my meals..except with a vegan sausage or a grain of course! I am glad you had a great time at home, I want to come hangout with your parents haha. You also killed that long run..BOOM!

    • December 3, 2013 at 7:48 am

      I definitely missed the colors in some of the meals. My dad couldn’t understand why I needed bags off frozen spinach and other veggies and I was like hey I like to throw them in EVERYTHING. But then he made me by fresh, which is totally fine, I still love my frozen spinach though!
      Megan recently posted…Roughing It & Marathon Training Week 5My Profile

  6. December 3, 2013 at 6:47 am

    16 miles………… YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Good for you for keeping to your schedule.

    Um your dad made lamb? And mint jelly? And gravy? Sounds like this is where you get your cooking from…. and sounds amazing. I would like to visit please. Don’t you just love going home? Their kitchen looks fantastic, I love gas stoves! Da best!

    Love the recap and all the pics…. and so happy your running (despite the weather and boring circles) it still steaming full speed ahead. Hunger games- did you read the books ? What did you think of the movie? I liked it but I’m trying to force Cory to read the books bc so much is left out!!!

    Gale is totally hawt. I would be all over and under that in a minute.
    Lillian recently posted…Healthy Broccoli Cheese Soup for Cold DaysMy Profile

    • December 3, 2013 at 7:50 am

      THANK YOU THANK YOU. All these folks all oh swoon PEEEEETA. NO I want the Hemsworth boy. Glad to see you have your head on straight.

      I definitely read the books and love them way more. I think they did a WAYYY better job on this movie than the first. I was a little meh with the first one.
      Megan recently posted…Roughing It & Marathon Training Week 5My Profile

  7. December 6, 2013 at 11:16 am

    that food looks delish! i’ve been mostly sticking with at-home dvd workouts/lifting (moving back to PA from FL has me in total weather shock – i never wanna go outside! lol) i need to get back to running though :)
    Jessica @ Prayers and Apples recently posted…Our Little Blog Is All Grown UpMy Profile

  8. December 16, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    I clearly consumed a decent amount of chocolate secured coffee seeds and custom made chex blend, woof. My father is a sauce expert. Simply some Italian wiener and broiled veggies.

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